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Friday 16 July 2021

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Selby Karate

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Sunday 23 November 2008


Welcome to our karate club. We teach a traditional form of Karate in the Selby area.

The Clubs instructors are Sensei Paul Brant - 4th Dan, Sensei Rebecca Brant -3rd Dan and Sensei Matthew Beard 3rd Dan assisted by our team of Black Belts. Whether you are just starting out in your martial arts training or an experienced karateka, our club will have something to offer you.

For the first few weeks you/your child will be taught about training etiquette, how to address Sensei etc. Bad behaviour or horseplay is not acceptable. Don’t be too alarmed; children often behave better for someone that they are unfamiliar with, than their parents or family. You/they will learn how to carry out basic blocks, kicks and punches.

We offer training to anyone 6 years or over. Training is at Barlby High School, York Road, Barlby, Selby, North Yorkshire YO8 5JP on Monday's and Wednesday's from 6.30pm. Under 11 year old beginner’s train for an hour and the older / more experienced karateka train for 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on age and grade.

At Barlby school we are fortunate that we can train in two adjacent dojo at the same time so this is ideal for families of mixed ages / grades.

For the first hour -
Pee Wee Grades - Beginner to 11th Kyu - 6 to 10 years old in the dance studio.
Youths and Adults - Beginner to Dan grades - 11 years to Adult in the gym.

For the following 30 minute -
Youths - 10th Kyu to 8th Kyu - Under 16 years old in the dance studio.
Youths - 7th Kyu to Dan grades - Under 16 years old in the gym.
Adults - Beginner to Dan grades - Cadets and Adults in the gym.

Final 30 minutes -
Youths - 7th Kyu to Dan grades - Under 16 years old in the dance studio.
Adults - Beginner to Dan grades - Cadets and Adults in the gym.

To enable us to prepare students for regular gradings students are encouraged to train twice a week for the full session. In addition all student 9th Kyu and above have access to the Saturday morning sessions at Selby Leisure Centre starting at 9am, no additional charge for these sessions.

As a special offer you can train free for two sessions followed by a discounted ten week course for Juniors / £35 and Seniors / £45, after which every student has to apply for club and association membership, which includes member to member insurance.

Students should wear loose sports clothing, no jewellery (including earrings). Training suits (Gis) can be bought through the club at a discounted rate (Child sizes £15, Adult sizes £25) or bought at local sports shops, Sensei can advise in the type of gi you require. Gis are not essential until you decide to grade, but many students choose to get them earlier.

Students grade from 12th Kyu (for Pee Wees) or 9th Kyu (for 10+) to Shodan (Black Belt). Most students are ready to Grade every 4 months for the first few gradings, as you progress the time span increases as the syllabus becomes more involved.
Gradings are taken in the York Area along with a training course. Current Grading Fees are £9.50 for Pee Wees and £11.50 for 9th Kyu to 1st Kyu.

We see a lot of students develop in self-confidence, become more disciplined, learn to respect others and enjoy the physical activity, this is all part of martial art training. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We hope you enjoy training with Selby Shotokan Karate Club.

Sensei Paul Brant – 4th Dan

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We are a non-profit making club and we try and keep our fees affordable.

Just mention the blog and as a special offer you can train free for two sessions followed by a ten week discounted course for Juniors / £35 ; seniors /£45, after which every student has to have current memberships to Selby Shotokan Karate Club and our association.

Training Fees
Monthly Training Fees
Pee Wee6 to 11Beg to 10th Kyu£15.00
Child / Adult12 +Beg to Dan Grade£20.00
Two Family MembersAnyAny £35.00
Additional Family MembersAnyAny£10.00 each

Combined Association and Club Subscription
£30.00 / year (Rolling 12 month period).
This includes individual member to member insurance.

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Gradings are taken 3 or 4 times a year in the York area by a senior Black belt Instructor from our association.

Grading fees
Pee Wee Grading fees (12th Kyu to 10th Kyu) = £9.50
Standard Grading fee (9th Kyu to 1st Kyu) = £11.50

There is also a fee for the training session prior to the grading of between £10 to £20 depending on grade / training time.

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1. Can anyone turn up and train, even if they aren't a member?
A. Yes. If you are a total beginner or a black belt from another club, you are welcome to
come down and train with us. There is no obligation to join the club and if you are a
beginner, you can give it a go for a few nights and see if you like it.

2. I've never done any martial arts before. Do you take complete beginners? Are there any age restrictions?

A. We take absolute beginners and people who have done martial arts before. Due to
the nature of Karate, and the self discipline and physical contact involved, we do have a minimum age of 6 years old. We also have a member in his 70's!

3. Do you need to be very fit in order to do Karate?

A. To do Karate well, you need to be fit. However, if you are a beginner and not very fit,
you will become fitter by training with us. The training itself is fairly demanding but most
people will have no problems. However, if you are unsure you should seek advice from
your GP.

4. I don't have a Karate suit, do i need to buy one before I can train? If so,
where can i get one?

A. No. You don't need a Karate suit (a Gi) in order to train if you are a beginner. If you do
decide to buy one then you will be able to purchase one from a good sports shop or through the club at a discount price.

5. Does the club only train once a week?

A. No, we train on a Monday and Wednesday at Barlby, with an additional session for 9th Kyu + at Selby Leisure centre on a Saturday. We also run regular courses in York and Black and Brown belts also attend JKS England training sessions in Nottingham.

6. Can I compete in competitions?

A. Yes. The the association regularly hold competitions both national and international. In addition,
We often have local competitions between the three clubs in the area (York, Haxby and

7. Is there full contact in training, am i likely to get hurt?

A. There is no / very little contact with Children, as the grade and age increases the contact increases to what is classed light contact.
In training, we use control when sparring which means, effectively, we pull our
punches and kicks and don't fully extend. However, using control does not mean not
hitting. Any strikes to the stomach area are expected to make contact with a measured
degree of control and the person being hit will tense in order to avoid being hurt. This is done to control breathing and to strengthen the body. Protective accessories such as gum shields and chest guards can be worn although for training, it is probably not necessary.
In competition, such items are mandatory along with sparring mitts. I would
add that karate is a martial art, we are teaching you how to fight!
Injury is always a possibility and if you study karate, you should expect to get hit occasionally.

8. How long does it take to get to black belt?
A. You are allowed to grade every three months and there are ten grades to get through
to become a black belt. Therefore, it is possible to get to black belt within two and a half
years. However, it is much more likely to take around three and a half years, with regular
training, a lot of sweat and hard work.

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The policy of the club is that every Instructor that may be in charge of training in a separate dojo undertake an enhanced CRB check and be covered by their own Instructor indemnity Insurance policy.

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Thursday 20 November 2008

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Sarah 07973 538874 
Simon 07940 559359

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